Team Viewer Scamming - 0082192369865

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On the 28th June I had Several calls starting with  "00". After the 4th call in 10 minutes, I picked up. The person claimed to be from talktalk (with an Asian accent) and explained there was a problem with my internet connection and needed my computer "ON" to fix it. To cut a long story short, using all the normal scamming techniques by passing me to their supervisor etc. They wanted me to download "Team Viewer". (I knew this was a scam, so I played along for a while). I Explained that I didn't want to download any software and he got quite aggressive on the phone.


Don't answer 0082192369865


Needles to say he eventually hangs up...Is there anything we can do to stop these calls

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Do you have an approximate time for any of the calls so that they can be investigated ?

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As you have a number for them have you tried banning the number on last caller baring.
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Hi Border Rebel


I'm sorry to hear this.


Do you also have the times of when you received these calls? I can then report this number for investigation.


Please can you update your Community profile to include your name, telephone number and alternative contact number, we can then look into this further (Please do not post this information on this thread)


Please bump this thread to confirm once your Community profile has been updated.





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I got the same call and same conversation.He claimed to be from TalkTalk Technical Department.He said that the problem was with my internet connection and infected viruses not my computer.I said if I had a problem with my computer internet connection then I would be phoning TalkTalk not the other way round, but he said the problem was at their end and if I had ten minutes he would show me the problem.I replied that he should not waste time phoning me but get on with fixing it.I said Goodbye and hung up the phone.

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My call was about 1600 hrs on 15th October.

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Same for me. 15/10/16 about 08.50am.

Spent a while with him trying to get me to download teamviewer. He rang off when I said "we need to run through some security questions---can you give me the first line of your address and your mother's maiden name." Quite irate guy!