Teamviewer is being erroneously blocked

First Timer

I support many hundreds of clients using the non-installing version of TeamViewer - TeamViewerQS.


It seems as though I need to talk EVERY SINGLE ONE of them through how to get TeamViewer unblocked.


Is there no quick and easy way I can help them to get this to happen or MUST they join this forum; update their profiles; and then put in a request for this to happen.


Live chat, which would seem to be a preferable route never seems to have anyone available.


Please advise.


Bob Crabtree

Community Team

Hi Bob,


If they are TalkTalk customers they can simply log into their My Account service online and turn scam protection off.





First Timer

Karl suggests  "simply" logging in to an account and turning scam protection off.


If only it was simple...


I eventually, after clicking around for a while, found "My Services >> View HomeSafe Settings >> Scam protection".  But when I click "off", there's no "apply settings" button to click, and when I refresh the page, the setting is back to the "on" position.  So not so simple after all!



This is the issue I'm having, but I don't even have an option to turn it off, it says I have to to phone them, but when I phoned they said they can't log into their system and can I call back in an hour.


Please add teamviewer to the safe list and please add the option to turn these silly 'features' off in the online account.


I am unable to turn Scam Protection off, I have been told to call. Is the same for everyone or can some still make this change online.




I resolved this as follows:


Go to


Turn on Kid Safe


Unckeck the checked options in Kid Safe and save.


For some reason this turns off Scam Protection and Kid Safe.


If that doesn't help, open an online chat.


Thanks - this did work for me also.


At least I didn't have to face an hour long chat session, like this morning about my renewed contract !!