They have started again

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A few weeks back I had numerous scam calls trying to convince me that my Broadband was faulty etc.  I have blocked the number each time and also reported a few of them to TalkTalk.


Last few weeks have been fine.  Today - just back from holiday - I have had two calls from 0207 720 5235 and 0207 241 5791.  The first number was an asian lady saying she was from TalkTalk and that I had a router problem.  I said I did not have a router and where did she get my number - she hung up.  The second number was a guy with the usual nice greetings and before he could go any further I said he was ringing Greater Manchester Police Station.  He then went on about being from TalkTalk.  I pointed out that the this Police station does not use TalkTalk.  I asked for his name which he wuold not give me and said to him stay on the line while I trace the number.  He hung up!


I have blocked both numbers and entered them on the webpage for National Blocking.  Both ring out and in the case of the latter it was answered by a machine on which I left a message saying it was Manchester Police returning their call and that we had traced the call to them and to expect a visit from an officer tomorrow.  


The fact that both numbers ring out could somebody arrange to actually trace the origins of them - I am sure BT Nuisance Call service would also liaise.


Over the past couple of days I've had two calls claiming to be from TalkTalk. I immediately assumed it was a scam, but the first caller knew my full name and (maybe got lucky) that I'm with TalkTalk. Rather than my usual technique of asking to speak to their supervisor (I don't want to give some slave-labour minion a torrent of abuse, but I'll happily unload a stream of expletives at the slave driver) I thought "OK, I'll go along with this to see what he wants". I know enough about computer security, hacking, firewalls, etc to not give away anything of any value.



The calls generally start along the lines of "your talktalk internet connection will be disconnected for 14 days from tomorrow". I guess that's just to grab my attention.


So then he requested that I open the Windows Event Viewer. It just so happened that I was working on my Windows PC, not my Mac. There were inded a lot - about 6,500 - errors, mainly due to Filemaker Server throwing an error every 3 minutes, probably because it's no longer activated (I installed a time-limited version to test out the feasibility of making a database for a client - it turned out to be too complex so I just let Filemaker lapse). So I uninstalled Filemaker and thanked him for his help. He seemed slightly bemused that he'd actually HELPED someone, and promptly hung up.


I got another call today, from 0010297825. I assumed it was from America - I have some American clients so assumed it might be one of them (001 is USA's country code). But no, it was another man with a heavy Indian accent, warning me of the impending TalkTalk disconnection. I asked him why it was being disconnected, and that I was suspicious because this sounded like a scam, and he hung up.


I guess next time, I'll just go right ahead with the stream of verbal abuse to save everyone's time (I have been told that swearing is my specialist subject, but I've not had much practice lately).