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Is it me, or have TalkTalk made it harder to find report a scam call (now hidden away under the support drop down).
Mind you, the date entry now adopts the US format which is confusing!

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To report a scam call in My Account is still displayed in the menu on the right hand side of My Account, just above Live Chat, we are still committed to our Beat the scammers campaign.  


I will pass your feed back onto the Website team. 



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If you have the scammers number from your caller display, you no longer need to log into My account, you can view the Talk Talk Help pages http://help2.talktalk.co.uk/scam-phone-calls and enter the phone number. 

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Ah thanks - shame you had to point out where to find it - it used to be much more obvious!

The problem remains that as soon as you block a phone number from your system, they just alter the fake number (in software) they are providing as their caller id, so it does make you wonder what the point is....  They probably have an automated piece of software to spot that a number is blocked, so switch to another fake caller id...

As you don't seem willing or able to block actual IP ranges of the companies making these calls, and instead, risk blocking legitimate UK companies (who's phone number is the same as the fake caller id), it all just seems a complete waste of time....

However, we, as customers continue to get bombarded by these calls - which ALL seem to relate to the data breach in 2014 - yet you have still done little or nothing to notify your customers about this ongoing threat....

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What is the worst thing is when it says unavailable instead of a phone number so you cannot block the number anyway...maybe the option to block unavailable calls would help also..i do not answer any number i do not recognise.


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Hey @RWAP01


Thanks for the feedback, we've now made the ability to report a scam at talktalk.co.uk/scamcalls more visible.


Your right that scammers can obtain another number after we have blocked, however we are seeing they are attempting to call a high volume of customers after we have blocked the number and therefore we are preventing them from reaching customers for a short period and delaying them in reaching other customers.


Unfortunately we are unable to block actual IP ranges as many of the scammers divert countries and the IP of where they are calling from which makes it extremely difficult for us to trace the incoming call…..if only we could, we would.


We are working hard to deliver new calling features that will hopefully prevent the scammers from getting through

Stephen, Community Manager

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