What happens when I report a scam call?

Whizz Kid

I typically get five or six scam calls a week. The typical format is a recorded message of some spurious problem with a, "Press 1 to speak to a poll taker."


I report each instance to TalkTalk's check and report service (https://community.talktalk.co.uk/t5/Check-and-Report/bd-p/check-and-report) - seems the best thing to do - but what happens then?


I used to get the occasional email saying that one of my reports had been investigated and the offending number barred from the TalkTalk network but I don't think I've have one for the best part of a year. Obviously this may have been deprioritised because of the COVID-19 pandemic but what, in principle, is done with these reports?

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi Jeremy2


I think the team are running on a skeleton staff at the moment , but they will work through them eventually. 


Have you tried adding callsafe to your line?