Whats this??

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Got a email notification that some one liked one of my posts. When I open it in live mail I get asked for my user name and password, clicking cancel get's rid of it and I can read it as normal.


Edit... Just tried it in webmail and get the same. No way I'm putting my username and password in that. Have you been hacked again lol



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Insightful One

I got exactly the same thing and reported it in new forum bit.



Didn't put in the screen shot though.  Hopefully it will get sorted.  I have a similar log in box occasionally but, as with this, just close it and continue.  Irritating nontheless.

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Ah, "Windows Security," there's an oxymoron if ever there was.  :smileyvery-happy:

TalkTalk team

Morning gents, you are of course right not to put any details in screens like this. Most likely this a bug within the forums trying to connect to a locked down area of the system. The guys will take a look and find out what is causing it. Will keep you posted!

Thank you, DB1980
Community Manager - TT Staff

Hi Guys, 

Thanks for flagging,,, Its a pain however rest assured its nothing to worry about but shouldn't be happening. The URL in the popup box is to our test community. 

Clearly this shouldn't be displaying and we'll get on it right now. 


Stephen, Community Manager

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Insightful One

it did only seem to appear on messages from admin so maybe stop sending until it's sorted?  I haven't filled it in, just closed the box which needed doing a couple of times on occasions.