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Over the last couple of weeks I have had several scam calls supposedly from TalkTalk.   All tell me I have problems with my internet and they can fix it for me - even saying an engineer would come to my house and give me a new router!  Fortunately I was not born yesterday.  Sometimes I play along a bit and sometimes give them a mouthful, or sometimes just hang up.   All get blocked and after a lot of effort are listed with TalkTalk to investigate.   Worryingly, yesterday not long after the call, I actually did have problems with the internet, but assume a coincidence.   Others seem to be having the same problem - has something happened with TalkTalk security or are these scum using information obtained from the last big hack?  I am really fed up with the calls and want something done.   I cannot use 1472 because I have an answer phone which I believe will cause problems and generally the system would not be suitable for me.


Will TalkTalk look into this for everyone's sake please.


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Fake support scams are on the rise and it's not just TalkTalk being targeted. Here's BT saying the same about fake BT scammers.

I recall reading a report in The Guardian newspaper in January this year that there were 6 million calls and texts sent daily by the likes of scammers and 'nuisance callers'.  That's the equivalent of one or two scam calls a week to each UK household.

By then, I'd already started using CallSafe, which is TalkTalk's free call screener; I've not had a single scam call to deal with. Key 1472 to try it. It's what TalkTalk has already done to foil the fakers.

If you don't wish to keep CallSafe you could do what I did previously. Not answer the 'phone if I didn't recognise the number displayed and let the call go to answerphone. Apparently 6 out of 10 people do that. You can block future calls from the same number with Last Caller Barring and, as you do already, report numbers with Check and Report.


Unless you buy your own call blocker 'phone or call blocker device it's the best you can do to avoid the calls. But why pay when CallSafe is free? Why live in fear of what the next phone call might worry you with?  Why not give life back to your landline with CallSafe which is what this TalkTalk Group press release says.

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