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received email --





Your products are scheduled for disconnection on: 1 December 2018


We were unable to process your last payment, that attempt was unsuccessful. To avoid disconnection of service, please verify your billing details now by accessing your billing profile below:


Verify your billing details now


Thank you for being a TalkTalk customer!


The TalkTalk Team




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Hi @spirit1


Thanks for alerting us to another 'phishing' email scam.  Here's the advice from TalkTalk on typical phishing emails and what to do with them.


I've obscured the phishing website address and your own email address from the contents you'd posted for obvious reasons.

  • I don't want others hooked by the phishing website
  • I don't want to see you receiving more spam or scam emails

More advice on spotting and reporting a phishing email.


You may be able to find out if your email address has been compromised in website hacks at the haveibeenpwned website. It may give you a heads-up on how your email address got into the hands of scammers.

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I received an email this morning and my email is not talktalk it is tiscali. I knew it was a scam so put it in junk and blocked sender and then deleted from computer fully it was from a domain in Japan. It was asking to use a link to re-set my payment details as they had not been able to process my payment. Our family does have an account with talktalk but I am not the bill payer so don't know how they targeted me.

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doreen123, ignore the email it's fake, scammers buy email addresses by the thousands, interesting article below, i even get phones calls that i have to blacklist, some saying i was in an accident others saying they are from microsoft, and emails saying im due for a tax rebate..all fake