is this an email scam?

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I received an email today supposedly from Talk Talk but when I spoke to 'chat' on line they said they had no record of it having been sent to me and that the email address was not from them.

email was from via <



We need your help to trial some Replacement Wired Powerline Adapters.

We will be starting trial in the next week or so…

If you are currently connected via wired Powerline Adapters (PLAs), please sign up for the trial.

It will be fast paced for a quick turnaround once we get going!

The new devices are incredibly simple… Just Plug & Play and let the technology create your connected network! Here is your chance to try it out for free; and by trialling it, you help us to give customers a better service. 

Next Steps 

  • Sign up now via the survey link below
  • Receive our new Replacement Wired PLAs through the post in the next week or so
  • All you need to do is stay connected, watch TV, use data, and keep us informed of any issues along the way
  • Finally, answer a survey about your experience
  • Then they will be yours to keep.

The TalkTalk Trials Team 




I'm still not sure if this is genuine or not.






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Hi @bertie11


Did you sign up to our trials, or have you done so in the past? 

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No, I just received the email out of the blue, and when I phoned up Talktalk and 'spoke' to the online chat, she reckoned it was a scam as they had no record of the email being sent to me. 

Community Team - TT Staff

I have asked our trails  team,  they haven't sent anything to your email address, please forward it to as a scam email. 


Sorry for any inconvenience  

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I tried that email address you gave me and it comes back as-


Address not found
Your message wasn't delivered to because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail.
The response from the remote server was:

550 5.1.1 oqqXlHedQjhA9 Recipient Invalid (TT506)




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Hi @bertie11 


Report a phishing or spam email is the help advice containing the email address for reporting a phishing email to the TalkTalk security team.


Forward the email to and the security team will check and block them on the network if appropriate. You'll get an email response acknowledging that the team have received your report and if anything further is required.


However the email address for the trials team is genuine and the trials team do engage customers via external survey resources. So, on the surface the email appears genuine but you are wise to be cautious as with any unsolicited email.

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Thanks. So you are saying it isn't a scam. But Talk Talk chat advised it was as they didn't have anything on my account that said I had been sent this email.  Community team TT Staff also reckoned it was a scam.  Wouldn't it be easier to identify scam emails if all departments of Talk Talk  'talked' to each other and knew what was what. I was also advised of an incorrect email address it seemsby TT staff member. So all in all this has taken a lot of time and effort to get any correct response.


You have to remember that TalkTalk are a Communications company and they spend all their time and effort enabling us to communicate.  Sadly it would appear this is to the detriment of ensuring that they can communicate effectively with themselves or their customers 😌😌😌