scam caller from Indian call centre

First Timer

I received a call from an Indian call centre on Saturday, saying that my router had sent error warnings to talk talk for the past couple of weeks. I stupidly went ahead with the call as my broadband connection is quite slow. The caller (Martin) took full control of my computer through anydesk. He ran a check and red error messages came up in a black window, the results said that I was entitled to new router and a refund of £299 via bank. The caller told me that an engineer called Mark Wilson would come out the following day with a new router, free of charge. He told me to press the confirm button on my PC to allow the refund to go into my account. I told him that the refund should go into my father's account as he pays the bills. The caller said that because he had been speaking to me the refund need to go into my account. At this point, I told him that I don't do online banking, he became quite annoyed with me. Then he asked if my father did online banking. When I said he didn't, he wanted me to fill in a form online to proceed with the refund. At his point I hung up on him. I rang my bank and blocked my card as I use my debit card online and I was worried that a virus had been installed on my PC. I run a full virus scan on my PC, slimware was found and removed. The engineer never turned up.

Enlightened One
Hopefully you have got away with a very close call. It would be worth scanning your PC with more than one anti virus as some use different listings. Malwarebytes is very good, if you download it you get two weeks free trial of the pay version, then after the trial period if you don't pay for the full version it will continue as the free version. The paid version has live scanning and updates, he free version needs the scans initiated manually. It is completely safe and very good.