scam email from talk talk Surely talk talk shoud have picked this up and blocked it

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Hi, @gp14051 


Your screenshot is showing your email address, so it would be a good idea to blank it out...;-)

I've learnt a lot about TT since joining the forum on 30/12/18..........I say no more.
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Hi @gp14051 


Here's some advice about Phishing emails: How to spot a phishing email


The one you received was easy to spot as a fake. It used your email address and was sent by a scammer using a Japanese email address.


I've removed the image to try and preserve your security.  You'd shown your email address as our helpful member @Patricia55 pointed out. 


As your email address is now public knowledge, do please be on your guard against similar scams.


Genuine talktalk emails are sent only to your billing / notification email address.  If you use a TalkTalk email address and TalkTalk Webmail to receive those emails they are marked as genuine with a yellow padlock symbol.


In Classic TalkTalk Webmail the yellow padlock icon is shown in the email list.

In new TalkTalk Mail the yellow padlock icon is shown on the email and in the email list. It does change to a black locked padlock when the list item is selected.

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