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This afternoon's scam/spam email from claimed I'm "connecting quite a few devices, and downloading a lot" and continued "Your current package can handle a few devices connected, but with more video streaming and demand from devices throughout the home, it can no longer keep up." ... "We recommend that you upgrade your line to fibre".


All of which seems rather unlikely for a single, non-gaming and largely non-video-streaming person with just 1(!) computer connected and active (no large collection of silly gadgets here) and wireless turned off on the router. Note that their earlier claim for me switching *away* from my existing fibre connection last year was that they were as good as real broadband (though the move was not actually my choice at all but instead forced upon me by an external family member who got upset about that other service being down when they were desperate to contact me).


Notably, the scam email fails to include any evidence of this supposed high usage of mine and, on logging onto my account, I can't see any widget purporting to display any internet monitoring that TalkTalk might have done on my specific account. If they *are* spying on us then the least they can do is let us view our data for ourselves. It might even be interesting.


"This is not a marketing email."


Smacks dishonest email into the junk pile.

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Hi @S_E_F


It was a genuine email, we are contacting all customers who are able to get fibre but haven't taken up the chance. 


Sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused.



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Just received similar. rather than which is where communications normally come from.

Says I've exceeded my Broadband limit, which is laughable given TT packages are unlimited!


Invites you to click and signnup for extra fibre speed. (Might as well put a button with 'click here stupid' )


Logged in to my account, and checked the "offers for existing customers" it says I have none. Good job I didn't click on the email.