scammers pretended to be TalkTalk technical department

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I am very new to TalkTalk. Someone called the home landline saying to be talktalk technical department and that they tried to reach out my mobile but couldn't. Asked about talktalk username / password. Luckily the wife rang me and asked talktalk credentials, I asked if the new router has arrived (which I was expecting today). She said not yet but talktalk have called and they want to fix the problems with internet. They also threatened that they will disconnect the internet within 24 hours if we didn't tell them credentials.

I immediately told her to hang up on them as I knew it would be scammers. They called back again pretending to be from BT. Wife said we're not with BT and I told her to tell them that we know it's a scam. They disconnected the call.


Can someone from TalkTalk please turn on my CALLER ID on my landline as I don't see the incoming numbers. When I purchased talktalk, I did select Caller ID, Call waiting as an option. My phone set is CLI compatible and I had been using it with my previous provider.


If I had the Caller ID working, I would have got their number and report it.




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Hi waqas722,


I'm really sorry to hear this. You can report any scam calls to us using our Check and Report Service.


Is Caller Display showing active in MyAccount? If not then you can add this in MyAccount.


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