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I do not have many calls,only from family.

However I get more calls from scammers!

I am x directory and indian accent males and females keep calling me about my internet connection.

I have blocked 7 calls this year

The last one from 001441279702865 a hell of a long number!

If you get one and have the time,have some fun with them or be rude! string them along,dont give out any info,if you do make it up,it can be fun,they will probably ring off!

Then report the number to Talk Talk

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I find that many of these calls start coming after one has signed up to new car insurer and mobile phone company!. I am pretty sure they feed off each other.

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Yes scammers everywhere!

I have had people in USA trying to buy stuff on my credit card(thank goodness the card people were onto it !)

I have had someone order burger meals on my groupon account !

I stopped this transaction by contacting my card company.

This world is full of scammers,telephone calls,emails

Who ever comes up with the answer,to stop all this,will make a fortune!


Whizz Kid

I have a msg on my answermachine which tells me I have won $250,000 on the Canadian lottery. Of course a scammer, just thought I'd mention it in case others get the call and to stop them from sending their hard earned money to 'unlock' the prize money which of course doesn't exist.