would talktalk ring my home phone saying that I had a fault on my router ?

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I was called and told that I had a fault on my router and asked to go onto my lap top and the person on line would be able to fix the problem. I hung up at this point.

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Hanging up is a good choice. TalkTalk would never make an unsolicited call about problems with your hardware.






I,ve had 2 phone calls from someone alleging to be from  talktalk in the last week, saying that they "talktalk" had received problems with my emails being hacked by someone in Belgium.

I was suspicious, and questioned what type of emails they were.

they were reluctant to give me details, but asked me to check for emails.

I told them to email me with the site that was trying to get into my emails, and they just hung up.

when I rang talktalk, they told me that they never ring people, they only email their customers, and that it was a scam.

I am constantly getting spam mails from Panama, Lidl, marks & spencer, sex sites from Russian ladies? 

I am fed up with this and although I have taken advantage of talktalk,s spam filter, it is pathetic, and I am at a loss as to what to do, as I seem to be getting about 20+ spam mails a day

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Had the same call this morning 4 times very persistant number withheld got very agitated when I quizzed him asking me to log on to my PC ...I think not :smileyhappy: Guy had a thick Indian accent...

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I have no personal experience, a lot of people report mailwasher to be quite effective for spam emails (and apparently free) :-




Had yet another spam phone call this afternoon from someone pretending to be from talktalk technical services, but 

I told them the same thing as I told them the same thing as last week. They then said that they were a company engaged by talktalk, and they said that I then had a problem with my pic (Oh yes, that old chestnut). I hung up they had witheld their number, and when I rang TalkTalk, they confirmed that they hadn't,t rung, so it was yet another scam.

TalkTalk told me that there was a way to stop witheld calls, and it would block all witheld calls, instructions on their website.

This can be temporarily removed should I wish to do so.


Thanks, will look into it.


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There on about anonymous caller reject however customer service are incorrect about it blocking everything as sometimes these numbers come up as international or unavailable or out of area and anonymous call rejection can't block calls that has identified themselves in this manner. It doesn't surprise me that this has happened as talktalks customer service is as useful as a chocolate fireguard.
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@Daniel2025 While you are right to say that there are certain types of calls which cannot be blocked the advice given by customer services was correct, there is a facility to reject witheld numbers, which is what the OP referred to.


Since I have blocked my phone to anonymous callers as instructed by the talktalk website, my calls have dropped dramatically.

I wish I had done this before.

I have also barred the last number that called as per their instructions, and I believe that has helped also.

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sounds like the same bloke to me Cheers !


I have the same problem. Started when Talktalk were hacked, last October.No-one will accept responsibility for it, and the managers keep telling me the spam and phishing people can stop them. I have sent over 1000 headers to these people, and still they keep coming. The main sender now is '@theinquirer.net', usually hidden deep in the header.

At one point I was receiving over 120 spam emails a day!

Been with Talktalk since they started about 13 years ago, not a single problem until last October! I have lodged 3 official complaints in that time, started to change over to gmail, and now am in the process of leaving, and still having to pay a penalty to leave, which will be worth it.

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You could try complaining to the head office in the uk. 02034171000.