your internet will be disconnected from tomorrow

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Just a recorded phone call  supposedly from talk talk technical department  saying my internet will disconnected tomorrow   and to press 2 to disconnect my  internet  .

received today at 15.04     01285184660    

Is this spam i have  made no changes ?? 


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Sadly it is a clear and obvious scam, have a look at some of the advice articles in this section.


My old mum phoned me today in tears after she had received multiple calls like this, compounded by the fact that the callers were rude, abusive and aggressive. She eventually realised what was going on and reported the number to her supplier, BT. I suggest you do the same using the TalkTalk Check & Report service.

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If they don't leave a message i don't usually pick up the phone  today  i was curious as i got called twice in the space of 5 mins   , thanks  for the reply 

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I got 2 calls on my mobile today from +44441227038976 but not quick enough to get to either of them! , like your calls these will also be spammers. Clearly an odd number even if you remove the first 44. Never mind I've blacklisted the number anyway.