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Call log

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I’m trying to get a log of incoming calls to my mobile in February but when I’ve called talktalk they say they do not keep them on their  servers 

I find this hard to believe, anyone know different thanks.


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Hi @Dekker1550 


My mobile keeps a Call History. Incoming and outgoing calls and missed calls. It has the last 3 years of logged calls.


If you returned a call to a number and that call was connected then the itemised billing that's usually available for the last 12 months will give you the details of that outgoing call which may be helpful to you to identify calls and timeframes etc.


Incoming calls to a network will be logged by the mobile operator (Vodafone in the case of TalkTalk Mobile) but these are not normally provided as part of a customer service.


The GDPR may be your friend here. See Access information we hold on you and scroll down to Subject Access Request. Although basic requests are free there's possibly going to be a fee payable for access to the incoming mobile calls data as this would have to be requested from Vodafone if it's a TalkTalk Mobile contract.  Any other operator, go direct to the operator.

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Thanks for your reply but unfortunately my wife deleted the call log and it’s confirmation of 1 call that we need.