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Calling Mobile Wizards - Saving or copying text messages

Community Team

Hi All


Does anyone have any suggestions for permanently saving or copying text messages?


You may have text messages on your phone of sentemental value or importance and would like these to be backed up.


This could include a screen shot of a message and saving as a photo or forwarding a text message to another number.


Below are some possible suggestions - 


DISCLAIMER **********************


This is a possible suggestion for apple users/android users. Before using any 3rd party apps or software it is your own responsibilty to check the validity and security of any sites/apps suggested on these threads.





Debbie 🙂

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I've used SMS Backup+ on Android for over 5 years now.


It automatically backs up all SMS messages to your GMail acct.  

Set up how often to backup, whether to only do it when wifi is available etc.

Works a treat.

Very easy to search through them from Gmail.



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Acctually you can saving your text messages to computer for backup.

First Timer

Please tell me how to save texts to computer

First Timer


   I can not find my text messages that I want to keep I have not deleted them any clue how to retrieve them,ever heard if the provider can find them.

Thank you