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Can't contact TT to remove suspension

Team Player
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Long term TT account holder. Never missed a bill - all direct debit. On one of the accounts I have 2 mobile phones. While I rarely use any of the UK and international allowance on mine, the one I set up for my Mother has gone over the UK minutes allowance  with one call made by accident with the receiver also not hanging up - 5 1/2 hours! This has been billed at £45 odd pounds.

However, due to this both mobiles have been suspended. When calling TT the recorded voice claims to be putting me through but then says they cannot because of a technical error and I need to call back later. I have been doing so since yesterday with the same problem.

Going on my online account doesn't alert me to a suspension & a need to pay, so no help there. 

What to do? Thanks.


Support Team
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Hi JEX200


Sorry that you are having problems.


You will have to call our  customer service teams on 03451720046 and ask for the mobile team to discuss this, unfortunately we have no access to the mobile systems on the community. 


Hope that helps







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Spoken with online chat twice now. Given another phone number to call but still the same problem. Then told to call next morning (which is now) and still the same. 6 days with mobile phones suspended. Can't speak to a human being to pay this excess off. Crazy.