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Can talktalk unlock my iPhone so I could use them as my mobile service provider?.

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I have an iPhone locked to another provider, would it be possible Talktalk to to unlock this phone so I can change my provider to talktalk???.


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I dont know if you resolved the issue of your phone being locked to the talktalk network but since I just solved the same issue I thought I'd post the solution somewhere, so anyone who is going through this problem can solve it immediately!

I called TalkTalk who said they couldnt unlock it and they told me to try Carphone & Apple. Both said they couldnt do it. I had no idea what to do, I just wanted to leave the network and no one would help me!

This is what I did and my phone is now unlocked. This is what I did to get my phone unlocked from Talktalk so I could join ID mobile.


1. I switched to Vodafone temporarily since their sim will work on phones locked to Talktalk. I was on Pay as You Go and used their £10 bundle. 

2. After 30 days I used their online form to request that they unlock my phone, since I was now a Vodafone customer for over a month and therefore eligible to have my phone unlocked by them (you must be on their network for 30 days at least!) Unlocking was completely free and took about 2 days.

3. About 2 days later they sent me an email saying they unlocked my phone.

4. I tested my sim and FINALLY my ID mobile sim worked since my phone was now unlocked. I got my PAC code from them and transferred my number to ID mobile. 

Just use this advice - I went nuts over this whole process because I researched how to solve this problem for so long to no avail and TalkTalk gave me 0 good advice. All it cost me was the £10 Vodafone credit. Happy days. 


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We have an old iphone which was on Vodaphone.  Have had a talktalk sim for a while now.  Works on wifi and texts but not 3G.  I thought this was becuase I needed to unlock the phone but now realise this is probably not necessary.  Do I need to reset the APNs too?  If so, how do I request these from talktalk by text as you did? 


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Hi, many thanks to you and glyndalf for your quick replies,


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Hi John,

Glad to hear that you've managed to resolve the issue 🙂



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Hi Bobilona,

                       All sorted, both providers are using Vodafone as thier suppliers so unlocking wasn't necassary. Just exchanged

the sims and I was up and running. Handy to know that if both networks  are using the same supplier there shouldn't be a problem.



Thanks for Your Text anyway.




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@johnnybee2 wrote:

I have an iPhone locked to another provider, would it be possible Talktalk to to unlock this phone so I can change my provider to talktalk???.

TalkTalk doesn't  provide an unlocking service for your locked iphone.

You can unlock your iphone with a help of your service provider or else try to buy an unlocking service from any one of  the online unlocking service provider


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Oh I do know what it is 

If I have helped solve your query please mark as solution accepted then others can maybe find the answer quickly without having to post the same question

Regards Tony


PS I'm off to watch the football now 


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Great stuff John glad it was easy in the end


Don't know what message review is sorry


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Hi Tony,

 Yes it worked for me, swapped sims on friday when the talktalk sim arrived. Up and running straight away, the MMS took a

little longer, I had to reset the APN's which I received from talktalk by way of a text with all the instructions of how to do it.

(It was realy quite painless). Saved myself at least £20 trying to get my iPhone unlocked.

Once again thanks for your help.




P.S.  What's all this "" about ??

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     Thanks for the reply, I tried my Grandson's who's on O2. The phone didn't reconise the sim so I guess it's locked to the first

sim inserted, which in this case is talkmobile from CPW. I read somewhere that iPhones have a habit of doing this.


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try ordering a free sim from another network vodafone, giffgaff, etc. see if your phone sees it. CPW normally sell phones unlocked. i bought 3 from them thinking they were locked to orange. was pricing to unlock. decided to get the PAYG sims from different networks and found them to all be unlocked. saved some ££££. give it a go before seeing about unlocking. it may be already done. hope this helps :smileyhappy:




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Hi, many thanks to you and glyndalf for your quick replies, at the moment i'm with talkmobile (CPW) who as far as I know also use Vodafone as a supplier.So with any luck it shouldn't be too difficult to change. Talktalk are doing some incredible  mobile deals at the minute.

Once again many Thanks.


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Hi sorry no you would need to speak to your own provider talktalk don't unlock phones but if you are on the vodafone network it should be ok to use as they use the vodafone network on talktalk mobile


oh you beat me too it Glyndalf :smileyhappy:

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TalkTalk cannot do this for you, you need to contact your current provider to get the necessary unlock code.

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