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Charges for un-activated "free" sim

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I signed up for a broadband and landline phone, and was provided with a free mobile phone sim.  I did not use the sim or even activate it.  (After TalkTalk sent it to the wrong address twice, despite me having provided the right address, I wasn't too confident about switching.)


After cancelling my broadband and landline phone at the end of my contract, I've now found out that I'm being charged £5 per month for an un-activated, unused sim, which I only received as a add-on.  Apparently, TalkTalk kept the mobile phone account active even when my broadband was cancelled, without telling me that this would occur, and without giving me the option to cancel the sim or notifying me that I would be charged.


Even now that I've requested the sim to be cancelled, but they refuse to actually cancel the service for another 30 days, during which I will continue to be charged.  Getting it cancelled took 40 minutes of online chat in which I was asked to explain why I wanted to cancel and transferred four times through different customer service agents.


I'm quite interested to hear back from a TalkTalk rep on here about how you can justify charging for a sim that was never used, never activated, and was only an add-on to a broadband contract which has been cancelled?  Is this really the best service that TalkTalk can provide to its customers?



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Hi @Goldfish2


Here's what the Help pages have to say:

If I cancel my broadband can I keep TV and mobiles?

"To have TV from TalkTalk, you also need to have TalkTalk Broadband. If you decide to cancel this service you'll lose your TV service from us too."

"Your mobile service will continue, but our mobile plans are an exclusive for being a TalkTalk customer, so mobile charges may apply if you cancel your other services with us."
How do I cancel my Mobile service?
"For details on cancelling your mobile service, please see Port my number - To another network."


The Essential Sim is on a 30 day rolling contract.  It's value is £5 but TalkTalk customers were given a £5 discount whilst remaining a customer. 


It's not clear on what happens about an unregistered Sim.  Normally, it does have a natural expiry date if not used but up until that date it can be used and of course the network have issued you with the number which is not then available to them to use for another customer.


If you're not happy you may consider raising a complaint following the TalkTalk Complaint process


For complaints about your TalkTalk Mobile service call 0345 172 0044.

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