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Customer Services Can't Lift Simple Text Bar - (Getting Annoyed)

First Timer

I'm trying to verify a Betfred account by sending a text to "89660" with "1234" in it.


Never had any problems texting before - but get the error below when sending this one:-


Class O Message

Access to this service is denied. 

Content Control Bar is in place. You can request the removal of this bar by calling Customer Services

From +447785011834



1. I can't phone this number it seems to have something to do with Vodaphone.

2. I called TT customer services on Saturday - The rep said there was no bar on the phone. Try removing sim and rebooting. She also changed the Message Centre number in text settings.

None of this worked.

3. Got onto live chat - very helpful chap said he'd lift the bar and it would take 24 hours to go through.


36 hours later got back onto live chat as it still wasn't working. Rep apologised for the latency in the service, but assured me the bar would lift soon.


4. Waited two days and phoned customer services to tell them everything that had happened and what could they do about it. 

Helpful lady said she'd escalate the case and get the special mobile department to phone me in 24hrs.


Two days later - no call off the special mobile department and I still can't send a simple text.....


I've been happy with talktalk up to now, but considering a move if this can't be sorted out soon.


Sorry for the long post.


Does anyone have any advice??


Thanks in advance, John