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Data used up in 2 minutes.

First Timer
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TT claim I used 2.86mb of data 81 times in a 2 minute period whilst I was sat in a pub with my phone on the table !! 

Does anyone know how that can happen.

I got the usual crap from the advisor when I contacted them that the info comes from elsewhere

and that open apps had caused it.

I've closed all the open apps now but I don't see how they could be charged just for a 2 minute period ?

Any ideas anyone ??


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Google have some info on this...


Reduce and Manage Mobile Data usage


Wise Owl
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I'm afraid that apps will gobble up data like made in the background. I recently changed my phone and my data usage increased staggeringly until I restricted background data usage.  Now they use virtually nothing (apart from some which you cannot restrict - Android services etc..)


Depending upon the phone you have, you can do this easily from KitKat..Lollipop..Marshmallow and Nougat versions of Android.  They will show you which ones are using data.  Closing them does NOT stop them using background data.


Goto you Mobile Data Settings, choose the usage option which will show you which apps are consuming data, then select each one and toggle or select 'restrict background data'