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Dropped my phone down a drain!!!

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I got out of the car and it disappeared. I can't contact anybody from Talktalk because the call centres are closed. Even if I could divert my calls to another number it would help! Any ideas?


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Hi @Special-Agent 


TalkTalk Online Defence has a feature called Finder.


Finder is the new name for SuperSafe Boost's anti-theft feature. It's automatically enabled when you install SuperSafe Boost, so you can control your device using your SuperSafe Account.


With Finder, you can:

  • Locate your device if it's ever lost or stolen, by setting off a loud alarm or tracking it on the SuperSafe map.
  • Lock your device remotely if it falls into the wrong hands.
  • Wipe all data stored on your device if your device is unrecoverable.

All Finder remote commands can be sent to your device through your SuperSafe Account.


TalkTalk Online Defence for Android - Help is also available for iPhone.


So that's dealt with the security aspects of losing the 'phone.


Now you need a new 'phone and a new SIM card. TalkTalk has special deals arranged with O2.


Sign in to your MyAccount, select Offers & Upgrades and then O2 Mobile deals. Scroll down to see handset deals and select the O2 offers button to see TalkTalk deals with O2.

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