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Ending my mobile contract - 30 day notice?!!

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So, my mobile phone contract 'ends in 2 days' - as TT no longer are offering new plans, I obviously have bought a SIM from somewhere else. Why have I got to give 3o days notice? Normally contracts have a habit of no longer being valid following the expiration date, unless an agreement has been made to extend it...? I have not given any notification that I want to continue, so why should I pay more than 3 weeks for a service (and a phone) that I don't have any use for..? I hasten to add, the phone packed up 6months into the contract and I have been paying for it for the last 12months due to the 'special offer' it came with... Also, the new supplier says the PAC I was given 'can't be used' - but that is another issue...
Will- things- going- get- better-when