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Michael Frois
First Timer

I ordered a Samsung Galaxy 6S from Talk Talk, and the package was £27.50 per month.[This is a two year contract.] I also requested that I wish to keep my present phone number. After considering on the cost, I decided to go onto a Sim card plan, and returned the phone within the fourteen day cooling off period and Talk Talk acknowledged receiving it on[31 January,2017] Instead,I requested a sim card plan for £7.75p per month and keep my current phone number.

In Feburary, when I checked my account, I discovered £41.74p was taken out of my account, and since all of my calls were made through Whats Apps,I complained that they have overcharged me. I assumed they decided to charged me £27.50p thinking that I broke my contract,eventhough,they agreed that the phone was returned!!!!!

When I spoke to a 'Manager' called Mani, in Manila[Philippines],he accepted that I was overcharged and agreed on a refund of £39.50p[4th April 2017] and told me to call back in 2 days time to request a refund into my bank account....this I did.When I checked my bank account on the Friday[8th April 2017] only to find that they have not refunded the money!!!!

'SYSTEMS FAILURE'/incompetence!!!

Mr.Mani told me he will make the necessary adjustments, meaning that the contract was not broken on my part.I believed him and hey presto!! on the 10th April I discovered Talk Talk raided/debited £582.38p from my account. This is sheer incompetence and it should not have happened.I presumed they charged me for breached of contract for 22 months????Note: I did not asked for my contract to be terminated.As usual, they say they have to investigate this further, because it was a large amount.I have been trying to speak to an Agent in the UK with very little success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am still waiting for my whole refund.

LESSON...what have I learnt? 1.When I returned the Galaxy Samsung 6S I should have immediately cancelled my direct debit....just in case!!! 2.cancel my contract when it comes to an end.3.choose to pay future invoices by debit card!!

Talk Talk by their incompetent actions have caused my bank account to be overdrawn and it is costing me in bank charges.Can someone tell me  what my rights are?HELP!!!!!!

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Hi @Michael Frois


The law protects your consumer rights when you buy goods or services. Find out who to contact for consumer protection advice from this UK Government website.

You should seek consumer advice and guidance.  I think Citizens Advice and your bank are going to be your best helpers.

Your case is potentially complicated so you need to take it step by step with the mobile billing team. Write everything down especially dates for purchase / cancellation / return. Don't complicate it by trying to sort out everything in one hit.

First sort out the initial contract cancellation within the cooling off period.
Then sort out the billing on the sim card plan.
Then make a formal complaint to recover bank charges.  I wouldn't cancel the direct debit because this will add more complications. Your bank will offer protection under the direct debit guarantee scheme for any unauthorised direct debits.

Call the mobile billing team on: 0345 172 0044 (free from your TalkTalk home phone) and have your account details to hand when you call.  Customer Service advisors are available 8am – 8pm 7 days a week for account and billing issues.


Keep notes of who you speak to so you know who's handling what.


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