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I have one free SIM as part of my TalkTalk contract.


1) Is it possible to purchase an additional SIM, or is TalkTalk refusing new contracts currently?


2) I want to move the (TalkTalk) SIM from phone A to phone B and to fit a cheap pay-as-you-go SIM (from another provider) to phone A.  But I want phone A to retain its current mobile number. How can I do that?


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Hi David


Best to talk to the mobile team on 0345 172 0044.


You can only have one Essential Sim per household.


To move your Free Essential Sim to another mobile just transfer the Sim to the other mobile or if you need a different size Sim ask for a Sim Swap. (Click here).


However, if you then want to move your Free Essential Sim number to another network you'll need to give TalkTalk 30 days' notice and ask for a PAC code from the mobile team. (Click here).  Which then leaves you with a cancelled TalkTalk Free Essential Sim.  I think if you try and keep the Free Essential Sim and either ask for a new number or PAC another number to it then you'll lose the original number anyway. So, I guess not what you want.


You'll not be able to get a Free Sim in place of a cancelled Sim as the Free Sim offer is no longer available.


I do recall seeing that although TalkTalk was not selling new mobile services it may still be possible to start an additional new Sim only plan but for the latest on this then the mobile team is your best bet.


What I'd do is keep the Free Essential Sim and just get another.


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