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Is this a good retention deal ? - Anyone got anything better ?

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I currently have 3 sims with TalkTalk Mobile and looking for a new deal. I'm currently getting the following which they have agreed to continue if I wish.

Is this deal still good or are there any better deals out there?

600 minutes
Unlimited Texts
950MB Data
£3.95 per month

I'm not sure if there are better deals to be had ? - Anyone else experience of this ?


I've been offered 1000 minutes, Unlimited Texts and 1GB data with EE for the equivalent of £3.84 per month or with Unlimited minutes and 2GB data for £4.84 per month (including use of my allowances abroad).

Thanks in advance

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All look pretty good to me, it really depends on your data usage and how you find the service from different providers in the area(s) you use your mobile most, the EE 2GB bundle seems remarkably cheap, where did you see that?

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Through Carphone Warehouse brands - e2save and

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Cool, ta. It's a bit of a pain having to go through that cashback palaver, but if you are organised/disciplined enough to do it then fair play.

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@ferguson i hope you read the reviews !