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Just a quick question....

Whizz Kid
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While checking my current mobile data usage, I found that included in this month's usage are 10 entries of 2.85Mb and 2.84Mb dated 28th June, and one dated the 20th July for 2.38Mb. Since this months allowance appears to start on the 31st of July, why are these entries included in this month's current usage?



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Thanks, Gondola,
I'll give them a bell and see what they say!

Community Star
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Hi Kately

Quick question... almost a quick answer.

A delay in receiving data usage information from the mobile network operator is the usual reason. But quite why there's an 11 day delay in one packet of data - that's not usual unless that was from a mobile operator when roaming.

The Community Support Team don't have access to your billing details so you'll be best to query this directly with the mobile team.

Have your account details to hand before you call and call 0345 172 0044
Customer Service advisors are available 8am – 8pm 7 days a week for account, billing and technical assistance.

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