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Leaving Talktalk out of contract Bill Question

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My mobile contact runs out on the 17/09/2017. I went onto talk talk chat line and asked them to automatically end my contract on the said date. Spent over an hour with them and did not got a satifactory answer!


They advised me that after my contract ran out I would be automatically put on a monthly contract! Why?


I just want to rid myself of talk talk completely on the above date!


Any suggestions? Or just pay my last bill and just ignore any other costs.


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Eventually after more than an hour on chat I was told that my contract would end on the 28/09/2017. I am willing to pay the extra monies from the 17/09/2017 when my original contract runs out after giving them a 30 day notice.


Ufortunately I have not had a confirmation that it will end on the 28th. This I find outlandish plus probably they will keep billing me on a monthly rolling contract ad infinitum.


May need to take legal advise or let talk talk take me to court. If they deem I have not cancelled through their chat line.


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Hi @craven501


The answer is that to end a mobile contract you need to give 30 days' notice.


For example, if you gave notice on 20 Aug your contract would come to an end on 19 Sep.  So your existing 12 month contract would come to an end on 17 Sep and would automatically roll over to a month by month contract that would end on 19 Sep in accord with the notice you'd served. Obviously, the above are my dates just used for example.


Where the LiveChat team couldn't help you is to end your contract prematurely before the 30 days' notice had expired - although you could opt to pay cancellation fees to end on any date.


So what I'd recommend is that you confirm with the mobile team that they have noted your 30 day service of notice and what the last day under contract will be.  If the confusion over dates means that they haven't noted your 30 day service of notice then make sure they do now record that on your account.


If you wish to port your existing number to another network (click here).

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