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Mobile bills to closed account

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I am the executor for a deceased person's estate. The deceased person had a talktalk account which is closed. But she has just received (on her email account which is still live) a bill for talktalk mobile. When I click 'View this bill in my account' the bill does not appear.

Live chat is not working and there seems to be no way to speak or communicate with a human. Any advice?


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Hi SheilaW


We dont have access to mobile accounts, but will see what we can find with the account number given. 


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Thank you.


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@SheilaW, never display any personal information details on the public forum pages.


If need be add other information in Private Notes, at the end of Personal Information and SAVE CHANGES. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hello Anne,


Thanks for checking. My name is John, and I am an executor of the late Sheila's estate.


The sending address on the email notifying the bill was . there was an embedded link in the email'View your bill in my account' which took me straight to Sheila's talktalk account after signing in. But no sign of a mobile bill on the dashboard there.

The account number quoted in the email was XXXXXXX REMOVED FOR SECURITY REASONS 

I had dealt with the bereavement team and we thought we had sorted everything out for broadband etc. But this mobile bill has appeared now.

All something of a mystery.

Kind regards




Support Team
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Hi @SheilaW


Ive checked the account and there is no mobile account linked to it, is it Talk Mobile ? (which is a separate company).


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Hi Sheila


TalkTalk Mobile contracts are separate from TalkTalk broadband contracts and always have been. Are you in touch with the TalkTalk bereavement team as they can be trusted to sort this out for you?


The bereavement team's dedicated number is 0345 172 0038 (free from a TalkTalk landline 'phone or otherwise at standard call rates or included in mobile allowances). They're normally available Monday - Friday between 10.00am - 5.00pm and are able to assist you in changing the owner or closing the account. Ensure you have the account details and name of the account holder to hand when you call if you don't already have a bereavement team manager already appointed to help you.

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