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Move to O2

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I cant undertsand the deafening silence by TT about the move to O2.


As per the latest info, Sainsburys's mobile has agreed to stop being an MVNO (via Vodafone carrier)  for low numbers AND clients unhappy with Vodafone degraded signals/data for MVNOs.



The other reason cited is that Vodafone wants to move away from MVNO offerings (which they oversold despite capacity constraints) and offeringlower priority to such MVNOs and drive customers to their own services directly.(more money)


All the more reason for TT to make their move ASAP. Hopefully this will also stop the grumbles about ghost charges  and 48 hour delayed billing excuses to sting customers.


The other concern is O2s takeover by Three network which is also on ice due to regulatory reviews. IS that one of the reasons  (billing issues and market share issues) holding up this move by TT? Or Three not happy with the contract terms TT is negotiating with O2 ?


Useful if someone in the know can shed some light please.








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Is this something like the sign you see in pubs 'free beer tomorrow'?

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"Its knocking on the door" and will arrive sometime next year.

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It's still happening apparently, but nobody has confirmed any dates. When I cancelled my contract because of the lack of 4G I was told that the O2 switch was coming at the end of the year, but I'll believe it when I see it.

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Will talktalk be moving to the o2 network share any more???

Hope that help Regards Joe
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The article is more of Tt annual results than the move to O2.

I had a long chat with a Manager from the OCEs office last week, and he was insistent that nothing is on the cards and if at all anything happens about this move, it will be AT LEAST a few months before the dust has settled.


O2 want to sell themselves to a good bidder, so a new agreement with TT might be prejudicial to their negotiaitions now with other potential suitors. The ARP may not be as attractive to a potential buyer if TT terms with O2 (as envisaged earlier - Nov 2014) might be on the lower end.

Maybe TT cna launch a bid for takeover of O2 ? With Sky perhaps? Its all up in the air.



Whizz Kid
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