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My moile has been off most of the day!


How can I email Tallk Talk? I can't phone and my mobile is not working? And anyway I don't want a long conversation hanging on the land line phone with some who cannot answer simple question as usually they don't understand me. My mobile has been saying, most of the day, emergency calls only and as others in this area are having trouble I presume it is mast that is 'down'. Why haven't I been told? Where can I complain? What are you/they doing about it? In this rather remote area it is very important that my mobile should work? I can't even connect to this 'Chat' whatever that is! I am desperate.

Community Team

Hi plumpeace


I'm sorry that you are having problems. 


When you put your post code into the Coverage checker does it show any issues?


As we use the Vodafone network any issues will be shown on that page. If there are no issues, then you will need to call our mobile customer service team  to log a fault for you.