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No service

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Had problem with roaming in Europe.

could make calls and text but no data service.

This was resolved same day.

Now since Tuesday we have had constant no service on both my wife's and my mobile.

Devices are IPhone 5's.

If I go into Settings and select Carrier and select manual a number of networks appear including Vodafone. Despite manually selecting this and others problem of no service still exists.

I see someone also recently reported no service to be told that this was due to service updates.

Nedd this fixed pronto as it's costing a fortune using ships wifi.


Also annoying is that Live Chat is not available. Either that or for some reason is not showing on ipad


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Managed to get Live Chat box up.


I input the required information and press submit and a message comes up advising that no one is available ant to try again between 8am and 10pm and here we are in the middle of the afternoon.


What a joke Talktalk are.  They can't even manage to provide one of their most important means of communication between the hours advertised