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O2 Contract ending - what do I do?

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Not a question to TT but may be of interest to people who moved from TT Mobile to O2  just under a year ago and whose O2 £3 transitional deal is coming to an end and they will revert to £10 a month.


Has anyone negotiated a better deal with O2? or have you moved to a cheaper dealand if so which provider?


Any suggestions appreciated



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It  shouldn't. 


Prices do rise but only by inflation. Mine is now £3.07.


Must admit though I feel aggrieved as people who did not leave are continuing paying the £3 with no real end in sight.


If your price has gone up by more than inflation though I'd query it, reminding O2 of the fact you transferred from TalkTalk.

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@hughwpearce What did happen when your 12 Mth contract ended? 


Did it stay at the same price or did it revert to the o2 £10 one? As my 12Mths is due to end shortly, can any TT customers tell me  what did happen at the end of their contract?


Would prefer to stay with o2, but as a very light mobile user not at £10 a Month.


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I phoned them up to ask and said it just goes up by inflation so pay £3.07 since april


Thanks for your quick reply, that's good to hear, as i said i would prefer to stay with o2 as not had any problems at all and they provide a good service at a very good Monthly price.


Thanks again.

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Hi, pretty much as the others, I pay £3.07 / month out of contract. As a light user it serves me fine. To be honest I would have stuck with TTM/Vodafone for the better coverage in my area. But on the upside I get my free coffee via Perks every Wednesday! 🙂