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Refused a PAC code

Team Player

My main mobile number was due for a handset upgrade. 10 days ago, I got the handset upgrade.

I have 3 talktalk sims and 2 handsets.

I now want to cancel the mobile number that had the upgrade and, 7 days ago, I was told on Talktalk help chat that I can cancel the sim as I am in the 14day cooling off period and I could interchange the sims so that one of the other sim cards can use the new handset and I keep paying the monthly charge.

Is there a way someone can swap the mobile numbers in My Account to show this?


I have just asked for a PAC code so I can keep the Talktalk number and transfer to a different provider, after 20 minutes of faffing around trying to get me to stay with Talktalk, the advisor said I can't have the PAC as I am in contract. I have got 3 days left of the cooling period and don't want to enter a new 2 year contract for a sim card that I won't be using.

Any advice?

Wise Owl

You would have entered into a two year contract when you upgraded the handset, if you cancel that you will have to return the handset.


What you can do it move one of your old numbers over to your new contract. The new contract would then carry on with one of your old numbers, and the contract associated with the old number would be terminated.

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Hi @ImAFruitBasket


If you wish to keep the new handset rather than cancelling the upgrade within the cooling off period and returning that handset in an unused condition, I would suggest you contact the mobile team on 0345 172 0044 and be specific:

Number / sim you want allocated to the new 24 month handset upgrade contract.
Number / sim you want to PAC to another provider.

So long as only one of your numbers is currently under contract I don't think there are penalty charges.
Obviously, if one of your sims is the free sim then you'd lose the inclusive allowance if it were used for either of the above options.

If you wish to cancel any out of contract / unused number / sim then you can cancel on 30 days' notice.

Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer

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Hi. Thanks for your help. I have rang Talktalk 5 times in the space of the last hour. They have transferred my old sim number to the new handset contract - that is what I wanted.
I also asked for the PAC code for the other phone number and they said they can't now as they have cancelled it! Even though I said at the beginning of the phone call that I needed the PAC code she said that now they have cancelled the number there is no way for me to have the PAC code. Is this right? Is there a way I can get the PAC code or do I give up and start distributing my new phone number about from Three?
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... the mobile team told you when you first called them that you could swap sims / numbers around.  I believe that's possible but it is a two stage process. You explained very specifically what you wanted so there's no excuse for automatically cancelling the original number.


Peregrine has described a standard sim swap and that's what's happened. Your second number has been associated with the TalkTalk contract sim and the original number that you wanted to port to 3 has been cancelled. They've taken the easy option.


If your original  number has now gone back into the pool it probably cannot be recovered so you might as well give people your new number from 3.


Gondola - Volunteer 2017-2021

To appreciate my help . . . If I offered a solution Best Answer


Hi I have rung talktalk for two weeks trying to get pac code I'm no longer in contract and have been told there closing mobile side down. Talktalk have problem generating me a code I was told they should do this in two hours and this is also illegal can anyone help with this or do I report this to ofcom. 




It's not illegal if they are having problems.


Persevere, you will get a code.



Whizz Kid
Just send text message with text:
To number 65075
And you receive your PAC within minutes by text message.