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Remember to switch off mobile data

Whizz Kid

When in a relative's house over the weekend I switched on mobile data because my bedroom was out of range of the router. I forgot to switch it off as soon as I had finished. Although my apps are set to update only on wifi, they must have been very active while I was asleep because I rapidly exceeded my monthly limit and the single Talktalk warning text arrived 24 hours after I exceeded the limit.  I had already incurred £28 in charges when my phone was disconnected to prevent further unnecessary charges.

Talktalk customer services insist that these are valid charges and I have to pay up or lose the mobile service completely. I have clearly made an expensive mistake but I feel aggrieved because Talktalk's warning system did not work and the email telling me that my mobile had been cut off claimed that I had been warned "a couple of times" when in fact I had received one text just 10 minutes before the disconnection.


Is there any possibility of these charges being reduced as a gesture of goodwill please? I have paid more than 50% in order to get reconnected.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi jehu44


I suspect the charges wont be reduced, Sorry. 


You will have to call our mobile customer service teams and discuss this, unfortunately we have no access to the mobile systems on the community.


Use the links on our contact us