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Roaming not working

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Requested roaming last week. 

I am currently in Italy and can make calls and send texts.

When trying to use internet message appears as follows:


"Could not not activate mobile data network.

You are not subscribed to a mobile data service."


I am using Iphone5. Data roaming is switched on and I have 3G signal.

I have tried a complete power down but message keeps appearing.

Talktalk say data roaming is active on my account but they do not know why it is not working. Just the sort of response you want when your having to use the ships internet to type this message which is costing an arm and a leg.


Would appreciate a better response than you do not understand why data roaming is not working. A resolution or something more positive would be better.

Can someone at Talktalk look at this problem.


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Phoned yesterday and Talktalk could not tell me why I could not use mobile data.


Just phoned same number for update and rep said he could fix problem. After going through various settings and changing them as per his instruction roaming data is now working.

Great result but one has to ask why the rep on the same number phoned yesterday was not able to do the same.

You wonder sometimes if some reps are fully committed to looking after customers. No wonder customers have a low esteem when it comes to Talktalk.