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SIM missing?

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Hi, I'm a new TalkTalk customer. When signing up I was told a free SIM was part of the deal but when I inquired via Livechat how to obtain this I was told I was too late for it but could get a SIM for £3 pcm with 200 minutes & unlimited texts. I signed up for that and was told the order had been processed.


That was over a week ago but when I look at my account I can't see any mention. Livechat hasn't been available today and I'm trying to find out if the order has been misplaced or whether there is a waiting period. All my other services have been active for almost a fortnight.


TIA for any assistance


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Thanks again. It DID say 'free.' That's a word that jumps up out of the page when I see it but it may have been an error. The site was down same day and had only just come back online so maybe some mix-up. £3 pcm is a great deal. I'll give them a call. 


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The qualifying date is the date of the start of contract. (Although claiming isn't until after go-live date)

Your qualifying date is past the cut-off date for the free Essential Sim.


Did the details in your MyAccount say Essential Sim or specifically free Essential Sim?

If, when you signed up you saw a free Sim was on offer or if any of the contract details state free... it's up to you whether you'd wish to make a fuss.


Any customer can claim an Essential Sim. The Sim value is £5. The previous discount was £5 making it free but that discount has been reduced for new customers to £2 making the price £3 with that £2 discount. So it's still good value...


Yes, chase up the mobile team. It should only take 5 working days for delivery.

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Hi Gondola,


Thanks for replying. Acknowledgment email was 25th July. I signed up online. Regarding essential sim IIRC it was on the account page but couldn't be activated until services were live. When they went live and i went to claim the sim that option was no longer on the account page. I spoke with Livechat who said my order was placed too late to qualify for the free sim but they'd process  one for me at £3 pcm. 


It may just be a case of it being in the post but what concerned me was when it didn't appear on my account as part of my set-up. 


I've not been able to get onto Livechat but I'll give the mobile team a call tomorrow.


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Hi @scotleag


What was your contract start date, i.e. the date you got your acknowledgement email from TalkTalk accepting your order?


How did you sign up and how were you offered the free Essential Sim?


If I can help you show you're entitled to a free Essential Sim then that would be good.


As for the existing order, you'll need to progress that with the mobile team as the support guys on Community don't have access to mobile orders or billing. 


Please make sure you have your account details to hand when you call and call free from your TalkTalk landline : 0345 172 0044  Mobile team advisors are available 8am – 8pm 7 days a week.

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