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Sure Signal

First Timer

I am new to TT - and taken advantage of the essential mobile sim.

However, I must live in the 0.1% of the country of Vodafone's 99% coverage. Therefore, it's a waste of time. I have already requested my old number that everyone has be ported to TT (from Virgin who piggy-back EE and I've never lost the signal!).

Now to my point - I see that Vodafone do something called 'sure signal' which plugs into a wall socket and gives a 3g signal. It costs £69 according to their website.

Howwever, according to the help pages, it is NOT compatible with TT mobile?

I find that strange because as I say, I was with Virgin (EE) and everything that EE makes for their phones works with Virgin.

Similarly, TESCO piggy-backs 02 - 02 stuff works with Tesco's and vie-versa, so can someone tell me WHY this sure signal don't work with TT, and if that's the case, is anything being done to make it compatible for us poor sods who can't even get a single bar on their phone.

Also, if it's made compatible and you can prove there's no coverage, surely TT has a responsibility to make these gizmo's available either for free, or at a VERY reduced cost.

I had considered a mobile plan upgrade, but that definitely isn't going to happen with no signal!

I have tried the talk2go app - that's useless too it would seem.

At the time of writing, my TT sim shows 'emergency calls only' and my other phone (the virgin one, has FIVE bars!

I would appreciate comments from someone in TT that's in a position/qualified to respond.

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Well this response will be of little use.


You have posted in the blogs section, which isn't visited all that often by the OCEs.


If you need a TalkTalk reponse to your question you really need to be posting in the "Mobile" section of the support forums.


Just select this link "Mobile Support" and then select "Start a topic".