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TalkTalk 3G Firewall/IP or Port blocking?

Wise Owl
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I have a Smart Home Alarm system which is connected the internet and the management functions are all centrally controlled by a webserver owned and managed by Assay Abloy (Yale)


There is a mobile App which allows you to arm/disarm the alarm, whether you are on LAN, or WAN or 3G/4G.  And the Central Webserver generates a push notification to the registered devices.


Now, I get those notifications whether I'm on my local LAN or out and about and using 4G (I'm with Vodafone).  However my wife who has a TalkTalk contract (still Vodafone, not O2 - but that's another story)  doesn't get the notifications.


But...interestingly, as soon as she is on the home Wifi, the push notifications come through.  I've spoken with Yale Technical support at great length and they indicate that there is no reason why the notifications don't get pushed through 3G, in fact they are quite clear that it matters not which network the device is connected to.


She gets Whatsapp alerts and other alerts, just not these Yale ones.  Either they are using an obscure TCP port and it's being blocked or a blacklisted or blocked originating IP address on the TalkTalk 3G network.


Can someone from TalkTalk indicate what services are blocked (I know that there are some restrictions - a content bar - that is in force unless you ring them to opt out).  I've asked Yale to provide details on the push notification (Originating IP, TCP or UDP Port(s)), which I will post her (or PM if it's deemed sensitive) to whichever OCE picks this query up.





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Interesting...  I suspect that inbound connections for some services are blocked at the gateway between Talktalk and Vodafone.  I have a Vodafone SIM and it works for me (identical phone by the way)  I will try and find time to test this out, but I'm assured by Yale that they are completely agnostic when it comes to WAN/Network.


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Im afraid we've drawn a complete blank here, we don't deal with mobile issues at a network level as you know we use the vodafone network so don't even know if a fault can be logged, a few people have looked at it and have no idea how it doesn't work on your wife's phone over mobile data. 


One suggestion was to put her sim in your phone and test if the notifications come through over data?  


Sorry its no help I know. 


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Hi @Arne-TalkTalk


Please respond if you've found someone technical who can assist- still something blocking these connections on the mobile network.




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Im trying to find someone to get an answer for you,  Its not proving easy. Sorry for the delay.


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Bump - come on Mods, please escalate this to a technical person to see why this is being blocked.  On any other network, this works


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I did discover this in my searching for information on the alarm: Yale_System_Diagram-600.width-800

So the Yale webserver uses XMPP (Simple form of XML) over a TLS connection on what could be TCP port 4999 (or possibly port 5222)


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It's an Android, LG G2 to be precise, and if push notifications were turned off, then she would not be getting whatsapp and other alerts.


There is a content bar to which filters the internet, wondering if the content bar prevents unknown apps from contacting devices on the network (because essentially, the phone is a device on the WAN owned/managed by TalkTalk/Vodafone)


Support Team
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The only thing I can think of that Push notifications are turned off when connected using mobile data,  What phone is it?