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Terms and conditions

Gary Gould
First Timer
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Dear Sir or Madam


My contract ends tomorrow.

Not sure if that means it actually stops on the 6th or the 6th is the last day and it stops on the 7th.


I was about to renew my contract.

However after reading the terms an conditions. It states that the network can not be used for business purposes.

This confuses me because does that mean if you want to sell things on Ebay as a business venture or create a website to advertise a business or use the internet for streaming a song on Ituns for example, you have to ask for written permission. I thought it was taken for granted that the internet would be for this type of use. I thought running a business and using the internet went hand in hand.





Support Team
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Hi @Gary Gould


The clause in the terms and conditions is there so that if there was a fault on the line, the user cannot claim business losses, under a business account the fault management is expedited to ensure that losses are at a minimum, residential service is standard Openreach timescales. 


Hope that explains it.

Community Star
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Most people recognise the difference between casual selling and running a business. Did you mean to post in the Mobile section?