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Transfer to O2 contract

Team Player

Just a word of warning to those doing so.


The transfer started at my request due to TalkTalk stopping the mobile serrvice but what a complete and utter shambles.


No sim ever arrived despite 3 requests. Finally I stopped the contract on day 12 of the 14 day cancellating period. Confirmed that no money was due to O2. Reverted to TalkTalk mobile again.


Firstly the customer advisers are hobbly incompetent at the English language and babble on in a completely non understandable babble, despite me telling her to slow down and talk slowly as I was not able to understand what she was saying.


I cancelled the deal. Then get letters stating I owe £x amount, to which I called and again finally got confirmed that I do not owe anything. Then another letter stating I owe £x amount. Another call and finaly got them to agree I do not owe anything and a statement would arrive withing 14 days confirming this. Never arrived.


Then an insurance renewal mysteriously got hugely inflated. When I checked why, I was told 'under the circumstances this was the best they could do'. I checked the credit registers and YES there it was a DEFAULT by O2 for a debt and account that I do not have.


Another phone call, transfered from pillar to post and they confirm their mistake and nothing owed. Another letter arrives, phone service locked, pay £x amount.


2 Weeks ago, a debt collector arrived!! I called O2 yet again and after some more unintelligable babble, got transfered again and they confirm nothing owed. I will be called back in 48 hours by a manager. Oh, and they were going to call back on ther tel number that was never activated as no sim ever arrived and also on the number they had locked!!! I gave them my home landline number.


No call. I contacted the credit agencies who made investigations only to be told the supplier will not answer!!


I made aformal complaint to O2 with notice they would call withing 5 days.


Well, no call but a letter arrived day 5 (yesterday), stating they accpet and uphold my complaint. Will pay £50 compensation via my bank details. They will clear the default from the credit registers.


So, it all waits now to see if they do pay the compensation, despite the DD being cancelled 3 months ago so technically they should not hold any bank details.


If you accept this TalkTalk move to O2, good luck!! You will certainly need it!!

Whizz Kid



WOW!! That nightmare story makes even TT look.....em.....reasonable in comparison...;-D

I've learnt a lot about TT since joining the forum on 30/12/18..........I say no more.
Team Player
£50 arrived today in my account but all defaults still registered. Have to wait a few more days I suppose for those to be cleared off.
Team Player
Defaults removed from register, credit history now clean again.