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Unable to send Talk2Go PIN from desktop account sign in

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For some months now every attempt to send re-registration PINS to our mobiles (which have Talktalk SIMs ) has been met with 'We're sorry, but the system is unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later ...'

I get the equivalent when I try to get the PIN via the mobiles. And I still get it after I have deleted and reloaded Talk2Go.

Reporting the problem by phone gets me nowhere. Can anybody help?

Many thanks!


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Don't know if TalkTalk has waited all this time to get a Computer programming University student to come in over the summer holiday to sort this out but tried this again today - just like I have for the past 4 months and.....




Admittedly, i did have to try a few times - everytime the pin was sent by text fine but initally it wouldn't register - came up with a different error message xxx2005 - cannot register at this time then error - check you have entered the phone number correctly. when it does not work, i needed to send the pin again as it appears it only works for one attempt.


Finally worked when I got home, connected to my talktalk wifi and resent pin again from home.  Now tested and working fine!


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For a communication company, it seems that TT are appauling are letting their customers errrm communicate. I have given up with this app designed by a 12 year old as part of his school project.. Skype here I come and a lot lot cheaper than bothering with Crap2go.  Sorry Talk2go...




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Wow you are not going to believe this, but last night I went onto the TT My account webpage, resent a PIN to my mobile, Logged In and everything was fixed, phone calls all over the place, fantastic..........THEN I WOKE UP, IT WAS A DREAM.


This morning back to the same NIGHTMARE!

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They told me straight that because I had upgraded,new plan didn't come with free talk2go.Think it was because I had £12 worth of calls one month.




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I used to use this system regularly and was a key reason for renewing my contract.


However, need to resent pin and tried deactivating and activate another phone and failed. Reported to TalkTalk about 6 weeks ago and have spend around 15 hours on chat or phone calls with TalkTalk trying to get anyone to make any sense as to this problem - and I am really not any further forward. I am ringing every Saturday - recently on the line for 3.5 hours, describing the problem at least 5 times to different agents in the same call, raising an official complaint, gaining agreement that they will notify daily of progress -- yet, as soon as I finish the call - nothing seems to happen and I call again the following week and decribe the problem again. Last call I was told it hadn't even been escalated to the right group at that stage!


Pleased to hear of everyone else that had similar problems & maybe as a group find a way to make them take notice - this feature is one of the main quoted features of their service & with it not working I personally wonder if they are meeting contractual agreements?


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Just had a call back from TT CEO Manager.............what a waste of time.

I feel sorry for people like him who have to defend their company with non answers!


This was followed by an email which basically said:


Re the Non Functioning App:

"TalkTalk are working on a fix for the error that is occuring on the Talk2Go app, but unfortunately there is no release date for the fix"

so...we are still working to resolve the issue, but even after working on it for months, we cannot give timescales, further updates. 


Re my request to confirm if I can cancel my contract without penalty due to, the Non Functioning App:

"I would like to confirm that customers with TalkTalk are put in contracts for services like phone & broadband and mobile, not for any of the free services that TalkTalk offer such as caller display, homesafe, mobile apps etc".

so........No you cannot cancel...... it does not form part of the contract, you are stupid for believing our adverts & offers!


"Finally, if I haven’t heard back from you within the next 10 working days, I will consider your complaint to be resolved and will close it down on our systems"

so....I have bought something that does not work, the supplier cannot give me any assurance that it will be fixed, I cannot take it back for a refund & if I don't get back to them in 10 days they will consider the issue "resolved"........end of conversation.



What happened to the sale of goods act? ..........another Brexit, Trump casualty?


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I am also having this problem, will try calling the number suggested


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And I can vouchsafe that it is with the blessings of the top management, although staff down the line haven't the foggiest about whats happening to this app and are only supposed to read the script and then escalate. Oh, and did I mention that on a few occasions I enquired about this with the idiots in their call centres , they "had to" conduct line tests because it is in the script (which has no relevance whatsoever to this app) to make sure I am connected properly to the internet ! What audacity and how dumb can it get ! Beyond words now. And the sheer arrogance on here , about "working hard" and wanting "to get it right". All hogwash.

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Yep I agree, it reminds me of a farcical situation we had some years ago with a free bus service running around a large city centre.

It was great the buses were well used and they zoomed around to all the right places.

Then we had a change in council who moved all the bus stops to out of the way places up dingy back streets.

Then they announced that due to declining use the bus service would regrettably have to be withdrawn.

Spineless management tactic!


No parallels here of course?


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MIkemmb: You are shut out even if you change your handset or try to reinstall the app. after a phone reset. Thats the end of the road and perhaps a dark alley where we will be groping in the dark or spouting our frustrations on here. Yes it is a Broadband issue and something to do with accounts setup, but then no one has a clue. Try calling BB complaints dept and they will promptly transfer you to Mobile division and then revert back to BB dept. again, crossing 3 continents in a flash. They also claim there is an app support department (no direct number will be ever given out) , who are always "aware of the problem" & then only happy to "escalate" the matter. To whom this escalation is anyone's guess. Just a brush off !

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I know that it is a "mobile" feature and this is a mobile forum, but I don't think it has anything to do with the mobile service at all?

My guess is that it is an issue with the User Account setup & data.....because:
The "error" message on the Online Account is "...unable to process your request" for PIN resend etc.
The "error" message on the mobile App is "...your package does not support..."

So if the account data is screwed up, the above messages are quite correct, no errors with the Mobile App at all.
......the big problem of course could be that the work ticket to fix it is stuck in the app developers in-tray!

A classic case of "Shooting the Messenger"?

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Talktalk mediocrity at its best. I dont see any hope for the mobile division of TT getting any better . They just put out weasel words and falsities. No one has a clue and no one cares. Yet they have so many fault managers on their payroll who keep "escalating" to their supervisors and "managers". It is indeed a dead end. TT mobile is dying a quiet death and their customers will be sold on to another provider. As it is, Plusnet has garnered a huge number of customers whilst offering great value monthly rolling plans with 4G and tethering.

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Same for me!!

Reported matter to ofcom who said it's not their line of business!



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Officially sanctioned lies ! I have heard even more bizarre excuses.

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I used the Talk2Go app for quite a while and it was great, but early this year it just stopped working.

Online Account "...unable to process your request" for PIN resend etc.

Mobile App "...your package does not support..."

I have spent hours on the phone to support team who just send you round in circles.

My complaint has been escalated for some time to senior management who will ....."ring back in 5 to 7 days", but of course there is no means for the customer to contact them.

So after a while I ring support who tell me "my complaint has been escalated and the senior management will ring back in 5 to 7 days".

...So after a while I ring support who tell me "my complaint has been escalated and the senior management will ring back in 5 to 7 days".

...So after a while I ring support who tell me "my complaint has been escalated and the senior management will ring back in 5 to 7 days".


...So after, after, after.....oops sorry I nodded off!



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Welcome to the world of TalkTalk where customer care and support are Zero.

There are a lot of us with the same problem as you, and like you we have all tried reporting the problem but it just falls on deaf ears.Not sure what can be done other than maybe contacting the Press or BBC Watchdog.