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Unexpected charges for my phone

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We have had a TalkTalk package, which includes my mobile phone, for at least seven years. In all that time I had no problems whatsoever with my phone. However, in March 2022, we were persuaded to upgrade to eero and on 28 March I was instructed to download the eero app onto my phone, in order to set up the new eero device. 


Since 28 March, I have incurred unexplained charges for using data on my phone, often at the rate of £2 per day. My account has been suspended twice now, and I don't understand why, as I've done nothing different with my phone, apart from downloading the eero app. 


I have now deleted the eero app, as I'm convinced it was causing the problem. If so, I'm very concerned that an app I was instructed to download has caused me to incur unexpected charges. Could someone please tell me I won’t incur any more unwarranted charges and won’t have my phone account suspended for a third time. I am very deaf, so really need my phone for sending and receiving texts. I hardly ever use the phone for anything other than texts.



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Hi Scrabble1 


The setting up and management of the eero router does require you to have the eero app on your smartphone. So, please do reinstate the eero app. Yes, the setup phase does suggest you'll need mobile data to be switched on so you can setup the eero app and eero router prior to the eero router being connected to the TalkTalk broadband network.


But you don't need to keep mobile data on as, once set up, the eero app and 'phone can connect to your eero Wi-Fi network.  You choose the name and password for the eero Wi-Fi network during the setting up of the eero app.


If you have the TalkTalk Mobile Essential SIM then the monthly mobile data allowance is 250MB doubled up to 500MB for customers on TalkTalk Mobile before 17 July 2017. So, not very much in today's terms for viewing videos etc. But more than enough for setting up the eero before switching off mobile data.


If you do go over the mobile data allowance then there is a charge of £2 per 50MB.


But the important thing is to switch mobile data off to avoid unnecessary usage from here on. You'll find the mobile data off switch via the 'phone Settings icon and then by selecting SIM card and mobile data (or similar phrase). And of course to switch Wi-Fi on via the Settings icon and Wi-Fi.


I hope this helps.


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