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cannot activate my talktalksim card

Community Team

Hi geraldine68, please update your community profile to include your full name, account number, mobile number and in the private section of the page add the mobile number of the sim you're having problems with.



To add your details you click on MY SETTINGS above the thread in blue then choose PERSONAL INFORMATION after adding your details add the email address/es in the private section and click save changes at the bottom of the page.


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This is one of the problems I ve had I do not know my talk talk account or email details...and as for the new phone number; it was not om any packging that the sim came in and when I dial *#100# it says connection problem. Nearly 2 weeks I have had the phone now and although people on the phome have told me twice that they have activated the sim for me they havent!! Really not impressed with this service at all

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May aswell arrange for a courier to come collect if its not sprted by the end of today,whats the point having and paying for a phone iv notbeen able to use

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Hi just letting u know my sim is finally activated but my first bill is due on the 16th jan,am i I going to get some kind of discount due to not being able to use it for 2 weeks?
Community Team

Hi geraldine68, you need to get in touch with your CEO complaint manager to discuss any discount you might be after.


Just to be clear you'll only be billed from the date your sim was activated, you won't be billed for any time before that, but again if you still have questions about your complaint you need to pick these up with your complaint manager.

First Timer

@geraldine68 wrote:



i have had a talktalk phone and sim card for nearly a week now and still havent been able to activate it.


it said in the booklet that came with the phone to cal 2883,but when i do it automatically says call ended before it even rings, also i know another way to activate is by logging into my account online, but, again i cannot find my log in email address and i do not know my landline number to register (i do not have a phone plugged into my landline as i do not need it due to everyone in the house having contract therefore do not know the number)...everytime i phone customer services off my daughters mobile they tell me they will activate the new sim card within 4 hours and it still hasnt worked!!


need this sorting asap or i may aswell send the phone back