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essential sim charge

First Timer
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I feel I am going mad here after 4 calls lasting between 15 and 35 minutes I dont think that this matter is solved at all !! 

I have been charged for the 'free' sim for the past eight months when it should have been free and when I realised this and phoned you up I was told 'dont worry it has been stopped phone up in two days again we will refund you ' ? this of course took more than a week and when I looked into it further saw I have been charged for failed direct debits in that time as I have an account just for bills and as I didnt know it was going out some of this time as Ive been bereaved and quite ill , this has cost me not only talktalks dd failed payment charge but bank charges too while waiting for probate .When I rang up to complain and say I believed they should reimburse me they said a manager would ring me 'tomorrow morning ' which of course was four or five days later when they offered me £5 pounds for the inconvenience !

I rang today to speak to you once again was fobbed off with 'a manager will call you I cant tell you anything '


Please look at this today Please reply through here I am not at home .I think being charged for eight months for a free service plus late payment charges plus bank charges while bereaved deserverves more than £5 for my inconvenience 



Support Team
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You will have to call our mobile customer service teams and discuss this, unfortunately we have no access to the mobile billing accounts on the community.


Use the links on our contact us page