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Need help?

how do you contact chris from the talktalk team posted a not very complimentary review on trustpiol

First Timer

good afternoon got a reply from Chris of the talk talk team asking me to get in touch and discuss the way I have been handled when moving my mobile contract to another provider, he sent a link but cant seem to make it work?? 

Can someone please just help me to connect or Chris just email me please

Team Player



Just had a similar issue and trying that link again just puts you back to here!


Finally contacted the team by the phone number and have been told the issue has been sorted.  I hope so.


Good luck!


Insightful One

The way to send a private message to a OCE is to click on the blue envelope on the right at the top of the page, then on the page that opens choose New Message, click in the send to field and start to type oce_chris and it will start searching for users and eventually OCE_Chris will appear in the search results, then click on the found user and carry on as you would with any email.


Hope that helps.

UK Old Git