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mobile being suspended


on Tuesday night (30/04/19) I received a message from TalkTalk to say my mobile account had been suspended due to overuse of my internet data allowance once, For one night only, on holiday (a complete one off as I am always connected to wifi) 
When I realised the next day, Wednesday, I couldn't use my phone at all by trying to call a relative, it requested to stay on the line to talk to customer service in person. 
After speaking to them, I was told my account was not connected to my address, even though I have a landline and broadband through them, which is the only reason I actually have a sim card with them. She told me because she had no connection between the mobile number and me, she would ring me back, which never happened. 
I then decided to go to the talk talk website to do a live chat. I asked them how much I owed due to the one time overuse of data, and was told I owed total of £16 which I paid there and then, which I have definitely paid as the total is now on my bank statement. The person on live chat then told me my account would up and running within 24 hours.

Thursday afternoon comes and my phone is still disconnected, I went back onto the live chat.
They advised me to turn my phone on and off, which I did and it made no difference, she looked into my account and told me she would need to escalate it, in which she gave me an escalation number (1-000002-709045-0) and was told it would take 24hours but would call me when it was sorted. As you can guess no one has. 
Today, another 24hours later, my phone is still not working, so I headed to live chat again, and told them everything that has happened over the last few days along with the fact that it looks like i am to be charged another £16 on the 20th of may, she told be she could not see this on her end but could already see my payment of £16 from two days ago. She told me my case would need to be escalated further onto the managers. 
I am still none the wiser of what is happening with my account or my phone, I am annoyed that everyone I have spoken to just told me 24 hours and it will be sorted. I have not been able to use my phone outside of the house for days, and I think its disgusting that before they ask for me to pay the extra charge, which i assumed would just be added to my monthly bill anyway, which i had no problem doing, if i had known about the charge in the first place, they suspend my account, which it would appear no one knows who to undo it. 
I am very disappointed and am seriously considering giving up with talktalk altogether.

Community Team

Hi pleasehelp


You will have to call our mobile customer service teams and discuss this, unfortunately we have no access to the mobile systems on the community.


Use the links on our  contact us