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mobile phone not been used but charged

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Hi need some help I've had a mobile phone account with talktalk for years and had £9.70 in my account as credit for the same time, I've just checked my account and even though my Mobile phone with the phone card in has been switched off for years the credit from 15th April 2021 to 15th June 2021 the £9.70 has been used and I now owe £0.30p SO WHO'S BEEN USING MY NUMBER AND MY CREDIT ??????? Can a Admin or some one check and see whats happening to my account ??? you'll see the accont hasn't been used for years and now it's just stared to have activaty ???


Thank's in advance.

What info do you need so you can check my account ???


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Oh dear what am I getting myself into here?!! Think I will cancel quickly.... I don't need hassles like this.



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Hi classic


What was the 30p charge is for?   


What payee name is showing on your statement? 


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Thanks for the info, But I didn't stop talktalk, talktalk messed up as normal thats why I got disconnected for 3 months and when I got re-connected they added everything I had before they disconnecyed me, I think this is they way they get you to stop some of the addon's you have with them, But hey it's talktalk all over Phone Customer Service is a TOTAL JOKE it should be all done in the UK not South Africa, ASIA and every where else they do it because the LAG with the Phone connection is CRAP.... Rant Over


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Probably when they re-added it, it couldn't be free after the 3 month break, as Talktalk doesn't offer this any more, @classic.


It's been a few years since the sim deal was disbanded (unless people kept it going continuously). 


Here's a fairly old thread on the topic that discusses the distinction between the Talktalk Broadband contract and the mobile sim contract:

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Thank you very much for your help, this mobile sim was to stay with me for FREE as long as I stayed with TALKTALK which I have done for many year and I still am with talktalk and my mobile was to migrate with my new account as talktalk messed up my Phone Internet and I was off services for over 3 months so talktalk put me back on after I made a BIG FUSS ABOUT THERE incompetence AND AFTER 18 MONTH WITH OUT A PROBLEM MY SERVICE IS FINISHING NEXT MONTH once again I was not informed by e-mail or phone so I could get a new contract AGAIN which they have to BY LAW once again TALKTALK incompetence, now I've been told my mobile sim is and wasn't conntected to my new contract so they are charging me £5 per month and it should have been free as long as I styed with talktalk which I am, So sorry guy's talktalk couldn't do a pissup in a brewery, so many people I talk with on there customer service and most cannot understand what we are talking about so customer service I give 0 for support, on here I've had support which is Brill but phone customer service SHOULD BE WITH PEOPLE IN THE UK WHO UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY ARE BEING TOLD AND CAN UNDERSTAND.... So mobile phone service is now cancelled from today which should have been FREE while with talktalk crap service..


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Forum staff don't have access to mobile billing, @classic. You need to ring 03451 720088. Open till 7pm today. 9am till 6pm on Saturday. Not available Sunday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.